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Bộ lọc tương thích điện từ EMC

ZGLT40-1301 Single-phase AC Power Filter

This product is usually installed in the measurement and control devices, terminals, motor controllers, power chassis and other equipment. It can also be used for effective decoupling protection and in other industrial environments.

ZGLT28-1302 Single-phase Power Lightning Protection Filter

The Product is a power filter with lightning protection function. At both ends of filter there is lightning protection design. The filtering features are outstanding, really good in common mode and differential mode noise suppression. Its response to lightning is fast, which enables reduction of influences from spikes, surges voltage to filters. The product is suitable for computers, terminal equipment, motor controllers, instrumentation, telemetry equipment, air conditioning lines, and all kinds of power equipment.

SA Series Inlet Filter

The SA series are conventional inlet filters with C14 sockets. It can be conveniently installed and put into use, an optimal choice in cost reduction for you.

PE Series Power Filter

The PD series use the multi-level circuit structure, effectively suppressing higher common mode and differential mode noises. It can be widely applied.

PD Series Power Filter

For PD series, the common mode noise suppression capability is strengthened. The multi-level common mode filtering circuit is used, effectively suppressing the common mode noises.

PC Series Power Filter

For PC series, the parameter values of capacitors and inductors are increased, more excellent in filtering. It can effectively suppress common mode and differential mode noises in low frequency.

PB Series Power Filter

The PB series are general filters, with good common mode and differential mode noise attenuation, suitable for suppression of noises in mid-high frequency. Meanwhile, the high-performance version of PB series will also be provided (PC series).

PA Series Power Filter

The PA series are conventional filters, suitable for suppression of most electromagnetic interference (also the ones for medical use without Y capacitor are provided). The filter is convenient in installation and use, with multiple dimensions supplied