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Network Encryption Simplified

Certes Networks is the leader in developing scalable security solutions for high performance networks. We provide advanced multi-layer encryption and policy and key management solutions for securing wide area networks, and enable secure connectivity to private and public clouds. Certes Networks helps organizations improve security, decrease risk, and reduce the cost of compliance with data privacy regulations while enabling high performance and secure connectivity to critical infrastructures in the branch office, data center or in the cloud.

TrustNet Manager

TrustNet Manager is a web-based management platform that simplifies security management while preserving network performance and functionality. This powerful security management application provides organizations the ability to secure networks, achieve regulatory compliance, and reduce the cost of deploying, managing and maintaining encryption.
TrustNet Manager offers organizations:

  • Tunnel-less group encryption
  • Rapid deployment of network encryption
  • Simple yet powerful network security policies
  • Reliable key distribution and rotation to minimize the chance of a breach
  • Auditing and logging for compliance
  • Controls that empower the security team to manage policies

TrustNet provides comprehensive data protection for any network, including:

  • Point-to-point
  • MPLS
  • Metro Ethernet and VPLS
  • Voice over IP
  • Video and Multicast

Network Encryption 1-2-3

  • Our encryption appliances, known as Certes Enforcement Point (CEP) Variable Speed 1. Encryptors (VSEs), offer variable speed, low-latency, standards-based AES-256 bit encryption performance from 3Mbps to 10Gbps for any Layer 2, Layer 3 or Layer 4 network. We leave the header information on each packet, preserving load balancing, traffic shaping and netflow services while the data is encrypted. When pre-provisioned with an IP address, the appliances can be installed by non-technical personnel.
  • Using TrustNet Manager, a security management system that provides a browser-based graphical user interface (GUI), users provision group encryption policies and configure encryption devices.VSEs are assigned to groups based on topologies and/or other encryption policy selectors. Group policies and keys are then delivered to the VSEs throughout the network.

  • The VSEs encrypt data, pass it in the clear or discard 3. it based on the policies. VSEs are designed to handle multiple policies. The VSEs process traffic at wire speed, based on the policy and group association. VSEs can belong to more than one group. Policies and keys can be actively managed through the TrustNet Manager user interface. Sites can be quickly added, dropped or modified with drag-and-drop ease. Encryption keys can be refreshed automatically as often as every hour. Manual re-keys require just the click of a mouse.




Certes Enforcement Point (CEP)

Certes Enforcement Point (CEP)