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Extreme Security

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Distributed Intrusion Prevention & Response for Edge-to-Core and Data Center rssicon Threat containment that leverages existing network investments In-line Intrusion Prevention deployment to provide advanced security in a specific location Patented Distributed Intrusion Prevention deployment to automate response to threats in real-time Out-of-band Intrusion Detection deployment that simultaneously utilizes multiple response technologies Forensics tools for session reconstruction to simplify threat mitigation and resolution

Security Information & Event Manager (SIEM)

Compliance through Security Information and Event Management,Log Management, and Network Behavioral Analysis Delivers fast, accurate data about security threats: Severity of an attack Importance of the affected asset Identity of the attacker Credibility of data sources Identification of abnormal behavior

Security Threat Protection

Intrusion Prevention System Protection from Core to Access Edge Automatic identification, location, isolation, and solution of threats Real-time attacker containment limiting incident impact Tight integration with Extreme Networks' Security Analytics