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Forescout Technologies

ForeScout Technologies is a leading provider of automated security control solutions for Fortune 1000 enterprises and government organizations. With ForeScout, organizations can accelerate productivity and connectivity by enabling people to access corporate network resources where, how and when needed without compromising security.

ForeScout’s CounterACT platform for network access control, mobile security, threat prevention and endpoint compliance empower access agility while preempting risks and eliminating remediation costs.


ForeScout CounterACT for Automated Security Control
ForeScout CounterACT is an automated security control platform that delivers real-time visibility and control of all devices on your network. ForeScout CounterACT automatically identifies who and what is on your network, controls access to your network, measures compliance with your security policies, blocks network threats, and remediates endpoint security violations when they occur. CounterACT makes you smarter, your network more secure, and your staff less busy by automating tasks that are currently laborious.

ForeScout CounterACT employs a proven approach for IT risk management, as shown in the diagram below. Every device that accesses your network is identified, controlled, remediated (if you wish), and continuously monitored to ensure compliance and protection.

ForeScout CounterACT for Network Access Control
ForeScout CounterACT for Network Access Control is an automated security control platform that lets you see and control everything on your network–all devices, all operating systems, all applications, all users. ForeScout CounterACT lets employees and guests remain productive on your network while you protect critical network resources and sensitive data.

Based on third-generation network access control (NAC) technologies, ForeScout CounterACT is easy to install because it requires no software, no agents, no hardware upgrades or reconfigurations. Everything is contained within a single appliance or virtual appliance.

Network access control is an ideal solution to help you optimize the productivity and accessibility of your network without compromising your enterprise security. Today, most attacks come from inside your network, bypassing the security provided by traditional firewalls and IPS systems. Modern threats include:

  • Visitors–When guests and contractors come to your location, they bring their computers with them. To remain productive, guests need to access the Internet, and contractors may need additional resources. If you give these visitors unlimited access, you risk attack by malware or compromise of your sensitive data.
  • Wireless and mobile users–Your employees want to use their smartphones and tablets on your network. If you don’t have adequate control, these devices can infect your network or be a source of data loss.
  • Rogue devices–Well-meaning employees can extend your network with inexpensive wiring hubs and wireless access points. These devices can cause your network to become unstable, and they can be a source of infection and data loss.
  • Malware and botnets–Studies show that even well-managed enterprises have infected computers because of zero-day attacks and/or out-of-date antivirus. Once your PCs are compromised, they can be used in “pivot attacks” whereby outsiders can scan your network and steal your data.
  • Compliance–Endpoints can be misconfigured, and virtual machines can appear on your network without your knowledge, sometimes without proper security controls. Non-compliant systems are security risks.

ForeScout Mobile
For IT security managers who are looking for a way to extend security controls to personal mobile devices (BYOD) when they are connected to the enterprise network, ForeScout Mobile provides a powerful, integrated and easily deployed solution. ForeScout Mobile is an add-on to ForeScout CounterACT, extending the capabilities of CounterACT to provide unified security management for everything on the network regardless of the type of device (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone), the type of connection (wired, wireless, VPN) or the owner of the device (corporate or personal).
ForeScout Mobile comes in two different forms: ForeScout Mobile Security Module provides native integration and control for iOS and Android devices. ForeScout Mobile MDM Module provides rich integration between ForeScout CounterACT and your existing third-party MDM system.


Forescout Technologies