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Implement robust security for your mobile corporate-liable devices, as well as for employee smartphones and tablets used in bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives. Deliver data loss protection – and a rich, streamlined user experience – for your mobile workforce’s collaboration and mobile app needs.
Good products use a secure container to separate business and personal mobile application data. Our secure collaboration solutions span email, PIM, calendar, contacts, browser, document and file management, enterprise app store, and secure mobile application development. You can rely on Good for secure mobile device management across the latest, most popular devices on the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.

Gain the benefits of a comprehensive mobile security solution with:

  • Good Dynamics: The industry’s leading secure mobile application development platform, empowering enterprise developers and ISVs to create secure mobile applications.
  • Good for Enterprise: A mobile device management and collaboration suite that gives your employees safe access to enterprise email, calendar, contacts, and intranet – and lets you develop and manage your own enterprise app store.
  • Good for Government: S-MIME and CAC Card Support extend and enhance the solution capabilities of Good for Enterprise.
  • Good for You: Consumer solutions that enable mobile operator and device manufacturer partners to create advanced mobile social messaging solutions, optimizing data device usage.


Good Dynamics™
Bring secure mobile application development into your enterprise.

Good Dynamics lets you build robust security and end-to-end data loss protection right into your corporate apps. It’s the ideal application development platform for iOS– secure, flexible, and fast from development to implementation. In fact, Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Department of Defense use Good Dynamics to secure their devices at the app level.

Good Dynamics lets you:

  • Deliver apps faster by leveraging Good’s proven security libraries.
  • Reduce data loss in apps with industry-leading security technology.
  • Secure BYOD and corporate-liable devices.
  • Pass secure application code tests more easily.
  • Ease administration through centralized, remote management and secure mobile app policies.
  • Encrypt apps on the device and over the air for secure storage and connectivity.
  • Enforce compliance policies and container management using remote wipe and lock, password protection, provisioning and deprovisioning, compromised device detection, and more.
  • Push services, data, and policies to devices – smoothly and dependably.


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Good for Enterprise™
Secure employee email, calendar, contacts, intranet, PIM, and app access on today’s most popular mobile devices.

Today’s employees are increasingly using their own smartphones and tablets at work. Running a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program can reduce your costs, increase user productivity, and keep your workforce happy. But it also introduces serious mobile security risks. How do you manage and secure these devices, while respecting employee privacy?

Good for Enterprise is the industry’s leading secure mobile device management (MDM) solution and collaboration suite. It’s designed to reduce data loss on today’s most popular iOS, Android, and Windows Phone mobile devices. Good for Enterprise gives you the resources you need to provide your team with secure communication tools and web-based apps on their mobile devices – all while enabling a more convenient, productive user experience.

Good for Enterprise delivers:

  • Secure mobile collaboration through Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes, including email, calendar, PIM, browser, and more
  • Easier application distribution and management through your own enterprise app store
  • Separation of personal and company data through a secure container
  • Strong encryption of collaboration data on-device and over-the-air
  • Automatic enforcement of policies such as data encryption, remote wipe and lock, detection of jailbroken or rooted devices, and password protection
  • Compliance enforcement outside your corporate firewall through Good’s secure Network Operations Center
  • Government-certified encryption
  • Multiplatform support for the latest popular devices on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Symbian, and Palm OS
  • Remote device management through specific, web-based tools engineered for consistent policy enforcement


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