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ZGZ-200-2 (TY) Lightning Rod

The ZGZ-200-2(TY) Lightning Rod is a small direct lightning flash protective device to receive and divert the lightning current to the ground. It has a beautiful outline, light in weight and easy to be installed

ZGU-200-3 (TY) Optimized Lightning Rod

The ZGU-200-3(TY) Optimized Lightning Rod is a new type of direct lightning stroke protective device which is developed by our company based on the original patented invention technology. The process of receiving and discharging of lightning current is changed through the shunting and impedance current limiting technologies, and thus the problems of serious lightning induction and damage of ground potential counterattack existed in traditional lightning rods are solved. The product has a novel structure, a beautiful appearance, easy installation, and is decorative for the buildings

ZGUJ-200-0.7 Shandun Lightning Rod

The ZGUJ-200-0.7 Shandun Lightning Rod is developed by Zhongguang Lightning Protection Technologies Co., Ltd. according to the principle of charge transfer. The product can greatly reduce the probability of being struck by lightning, with lower grounding requirements. Without the problem of aging, it does not contain electronic components, stable and reliable, and is an important innovation in the field of modern lightning protection technology. The product can be installed conveniently, and has low requirements on the grounding resistance