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The ZGQ-06(TY) Lightning Counter

The inductance probe of ZGQ-6(TY) Lightning Counter is installed at the conductor (generally the earth wire) through which the lightning current passes. In case of a lightning current, the inductance probe collects the current signal, and transforms it into the voltage signal, which is sent to the display unit controlled by the SCM for recording after processed. The recording would continue until it reaches 999, and then is reset. Based on the principle of induction by current and display of 3-digit nixie tube, the lightning current whose amplitude is within 1.5kA~100kA is recorded

The ZGQ-3 (TY) Lightning Counter

The ZGQ-3 (TY) Lightning Counter cannot only record lightning strokes in some area accurately and timely, but also effectively monitor the quality of lightning rod or other lightning protection systems and their installation. In case of lightning discharged to the earth, the count pulse is produced in the counter by the high lightning current through the induction effect between the counter and discharge cable, and after further processing by the internal circuit of counter, the lightning frequency is recorded

The ZGLJ-F1 Intelligent Lightning Monitor

The ZGLJ-F1 Intelligent Lightning Monitor can have real-time and accurate monitoring of information about the lightning current and power frequency short-circuit current that struck the transmission tower. The monitoring host of system, through the GPRS wireless communication module, sends the monitored data to the principal computer, thus realizing remote networking monitoring. The system uses GPS for accurate timing and positioning, and users will receive alarm information from the monitoring center, providing a guarantee for rapid real-time maintenance. The wind and PV hybrid power system ensures 24-hour proper system work. The monitoring host of system (including the GPRS wireless module and GPS module), batteries, wind and solar controller and other key equipment are placed in a special underground tank to be buried, not only extending the life of batteries, but also solving the security problem. The supply assembly is mounted to the tower to a certain height, and security nuts, which can effectively prevent the loss of the installation accessories, are used; meanwhile, the lightning protection modules are buried inside the underground tank, providing professional lightning protection for all critical equipment to ensure their safety in case of lightning strokes